Ubcoin ICO Review | Ubcoin is Ebay-like peer-to-peer marketplace

In recent years, the widespread use of blockchain in numerous fields of act, the blockchain has proved itself and has given plenty of benefits to comes that were developed on the blockchain and work with sensible contracts. the employment of blockchain will considerably increase potency and supply advantages love transparency and high speed of operations. thanks to Blockchain Technology, there’s an answer to a lot of real-world issues in numerous trade and fields. Currently, many startups ar engaged on completely different comes to unravel problems with numerous industries by victimisation blockchain technology. Among all that Ubcoin Marketplace could be a world mobile marketplace for purchasing and marketing the important world.

What is Ubcoin Market?

Ubcoin could be a mobile application with the assistance of that users will each sell and get completely different product victimisation crypto currency, namely, victimisation the interior tokens of this application – UBC. In fact, it’ll be a commercialism platform, that provides for the creation of comfy conditions for each consumers and sellers. for every of them, there’ll be offered convenient functions and tools, comparable to tools for promoting ads and targeting; Ad statistics (views, clicks, conversions, reviews, etc.) and buy statistics; sales and payment management screens; the mechanism of intellectual recommendations, supported previous searches and buy history; purchase management tools.

What’s so special about Ubcoin?

Ubcoin Market positions itself as a bridge between cryptocurrency and also the world. Anyone are able to become a cryptocurrency capitalist through this new platform in spite of previous cryptocurrency or blockchain data. a lot of advanced users will pay their cryptocurrency wealth on product and services during which they’re interested. however a number of the subsequent key points ar noteworthy that suggests the success of the Ubcoin project:

  • The Ubcoin App is already developed and solely pre-installed on all Samsung and Fly smartphones, together with Galaxy S9. Official contracts signed.
  • The Ubcoin market could be a mature company with leading banking platform that is named UBANKmobile App, that already has over sixteen million installations worldwide. The app is accessible each on humanoid and IOS with over 2000 daily active users.
  • Ubcoin Market can use AI to pre-screen vender postings, that could be a rather novel approach. Combining this with the Ethereum blockchain and every one of its options will definitely cause some attention-grabbing developments moving forward.
  • Once again, you’ll be able to be part of the personal pre-sale ICO to induce a fifty seven discount on the value of the UBC Token. And if you wait, the whitelist investors can get a smaller though still glorious twenty ninth discount off the value of the token.

Benefits of Ubcoin

  • Peer-to-peer interaction – The number of participants participating in the sales process is minimized as much as possible. It facilitates implementation of smart contracts between independent parties.
  • Legal Market -. Through the use of AI technology, the company can check for the legitimacy of goods and services on the Ubcoin market. Profiles of sellers will be verified, and any violations will be excluded
  • Decentralization – Blockchain enables decentralization, completion, and fulfillment of transactions. Immediate payments made on performance under the smart contract.
  • Interface – The application is designed by taking into account the best world trends, and is designed to create the most convenient conditions for both the seller and the buyer.

How does Ubcoin project work?

he technology of blocking with the use of smart contracts will allow Ubcoin Marketplace to provide the highest degree of security, transparency and execution of the bargain, which will occur directly between the seller and buyers, through the P2P architecture. You should consider the process of the transaction:

1. A potential buyer looks after the product of interest to the marketplace and, having determined, adds it to the basket.

2. The goods are reserved, and the amount necessary for its payment is held in the purse of the buyer.

3. Delivery and inspection of goods by the buyer. There are several outcomes:

  • Successful completion of the transaction, the money is sent to the seller, the goods remain with the buyer.
  • Cancellation of the transaction by mutual consent.
  • Cancellation of the transaction unilaterally: either the buyer is not satisfied, or the seller has decided to give the back, for which he will pay a reduction in the rating. If the seller or buyer does not agree with the claims and does not want to cancel the transaction, then this case it goes to arbitration.

Product of Ubcoin

Ubcoin Marketplace — the next leap forward for Ubank, leading mobile payments app in Eastern Europe. Now with Ethereum blockchain, exchange-traded UBC cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer smart contracts for buying goods for cryptocurrency. Ubcoin Market will become part of Ubank app as a new feature.

Mass adoption: We promote mass adoption of digital assets that are both a means of settlement and an investment vehicle.

P2P interaction: Cut out as many intermediaries as possible. The platform facilitates smart contract execution between independent parties.

Legal marketplace: We are developing an AI technology to pre-screen seller postings for potential infringements of reason, morality, safety and due care.

Reasons to Invest for Ubcoin

App is already developed and exclusively pre-installed on all Samsung and Fly smartphones, including Galaxy S9. Official contracts signed.

We are a mature company with leading banking platform which is called UBANKmobile App already has over 16 million installations worldwide. Check our GooglePlay and AppStore.

Why Should You Trust Ubcoin?

Ubcoin already launched 3 successful business projects: Navifon, Utalk, Ubank.

NaviFon is a free mobile navigation application, designed specifically for mobile devices, and has all the functions of the portable device. Works on all mobile platforms: Windows Mobile, iPhone, Java, Symbian S60 ed.3 and S60 ed.5., Android, BlackBerry, and Bada. It allows using a phone as a full GPS navigator. Since 2007, NaviFon has been installed by Samsung on phones at the factory. It is available for download in all popular applications stores: iTunes Store, GetJar, and Android Market.

uTalk is a free client for messaging between phones and computers. With uTalk you can send free pictures, voice and text to your friends from any social network, chat in groups, and view your friends locations. uTalk supports various protocols such as AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, XMPP/Jabber, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, MobileMe/iChat and Facebook.

UBANK convenient management of all bank cards. One convenient application for all your bank cards. Ubank help you manage bank cards in one place and make the right decisions about your money. More than 3 million users – join!

All cards in one application: Download all bank cards – and manage them in one place in a couple of clicks, easily and quickly. This is more convenient than a separate complex mobile bank for each card.

Samsung and fly us trust: The application is preinstalled on Samsung and Fly smartphones – they are sure that we are useful for their users.

Earn cashback:
– Instant payment in one click from any card:
– fines traffic police
– Internet (Akado, Yota, Rostelecom, Comstar, OnLime, QWERTY, etc.)
– mobile (MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Tele2, Smart, NSS, Skylink, etc.)
– TV (Cosmos TV , NTV +, Tricolor TV, etc.)
– Housing and communal services
– online games (World of Tanks, etc.)
– loans, etc.
After paying for some services (every month – different) you will receive 10% cashback for a virtual purse in UBANK. Transfer this money to any card and spend on what you love!

Momental translations with the lowest commission: The lowest commission for transfers between cards of different banks: only 1.1%. There is no one below, seriously! And you can transfer money to friends by phone number.

Free from the mountains of the discount card: Add all discount cards – and get rid of a heap of plastic. Wear and show at the checkout only a smartphone.

Accept the right decisions: We will send you a reminder to make a regular payment or transfer and show the statistics on your spending. All in order for you to better manage your money and live happier.

Data protection: 3D-Secure technology guarantees the security of operations with bank cards – your money is safe.

Ubcoin Roadmap


Ubcoin Token

Ubcoin Token distribution

Long-Term Token Value

Native to ecosystem: We promote mass adoption of digital assets that are both a means of settlement and an investment vehicle.
Fee discounts: Cut out as many intermediaries as possible. The platform facilitates smart contract execution between independent parties.
Token buyback program: We are developing an AI technology to pre-screen seller postings for potential infringements of reason, morality, safety and due care.
Reserve pool: Blockchain allows for decentralized initiation, settlement and fulfillment of transactions. Payments are immediate upon performance under smart contracts.
Anti-dumping measures: Our interface design brings harmony and seamless experience of buying and selling goods globally.
Token burn program: We strive to open our API to develop best adaptations of the platform for specific local needs. Also we envision engagement of third-party providers (i.e. delivery companies, notaries).


Token Name : UB Coin
Ticker: UBC
Total Supply: 1,500,000,000 UBC
ICO Price: 1 ETH = 9600 UBC
Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin are accepted as payment methods.
Min. Purchase: 0.01 ETH
Max. Limit: No Limits
Bonus: Available
ICO Hardcap: 157,500 ETH
Platform: ERC20 Standard
Country: United Arab Emirates

Ubcoin Partners

Ubcoin Team

More Details of Ubcoin ICO:



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