Trecento Blockchain Capital is associate degree all-in-one investment resolution that gives services in terms of expertise and tools supported blockchain technology. the most goal of the platform is to seize the simplest investment opportunities mistreatment blockchain technology, providing its invest the easy and reliable investment platform.The platform is aimed toward resolution the issues of high level of complexness within the market, the shortage of transparency in operations and also the lack of a transparent restrictive framework, providing associate degree investment approach of 360 degrees. This ensures that users will simply generate profit whereas at a similar time mitigating the risks related to investments. Investors ar given a straightforward and effective investment resolution, offered in an exceedingly safe and well-regulated surroundings.

What is Trecento Blockchain Capital Project?

Trecento Blockchain Capital launched a blockchain-centric plus Manager, to bring high-level monetary experience into the crypto-asset market, and facilitate institutional investors to take a position into winning and safe blockchain comes.

Тrecento Blockchain Capital is associate all-in-one Blockchain-centric investment resolution. Our objective is to capture the simplest investment opportunities driven by the Blockchain revolution, by providing an easy and trustworthy investment partner to our investors. Thus,Trecento Blockchain Capital can launch four thematic funds covering the total investment cycle of Blockchain firms.

Trecento Blockchain Capital’s mission is to become the primary and leading regulated 360 plus manager within the Blockchain sector, by providing its investors the chance to take a position at each step of a Blockchain company’s lifecycle and development.

How does Trecento work?

Investors register on the online platform of Trecento Blockchain Capital and then execute the procedures of KYC. Then the investor adds his personal ETH-addresses and then fills in the questionnaire on the risk profile for investors. Investors then read, accept and sign an online intellectual mandate. After checking everything is included in the whitelist. Then investors can send their money to a reasonable contract, under which they can order a ransom at any time when they want.

Capital funds Trecento Blockchain

The platform contains four thematic funds, which cover the entire investment cycle used by companies that are blockbuster. Means include:

  • ICO Foundation: this fund offers investment in innovative companies that raise funds during a private sale of the company or during an upward flow.
  • Crypto-trading Fund: this fund allows the platform users to trade in crypto-currencies and digital assets
  • Venture capital fund: this fund provides users with opportunities for equity investments in start-ups that are engaged in the development of destructive blockchain solutions.
  • Fund of Funds: users can participate in investing in specialized funds, which are very active in cryptothermines and in blocking companies.

Trecento Blockchain Capital Problems

The market is growing, bouncing and filled with potential returns for investors. however at identical time, it remains troublesome to guage, with in progress innovation and lots of comes that ar either unreal (fraud), or impracticable. so this market is characterised by a high level of quality, a powerful lack of transparency and a transparent restrictive framework. This makes it troublesome to grasp and so invest.

Trecento Blockchain Capital Solution

Trecento Blockchain Capital has been launched by a team of experienced investment and technology professionals. The goal of Trecento Blockchain Capital is to capture the best business opportunities offered by Blockchain technology through a 360-degree investment approach. Trecento Blockchain Capital aims to provide both individual and institutional investors with a straightforward and performing investment solution that relies on our 4 investment funds. All in safe and orderly living environment.

Trecento Blockchain Capital Funds

The platform contains four thematic funds that cover the full investment cycle as used by blockchain companies. The funds include:

ICO Fund: This fund offers investments in the innovative companies that raise funds during the company’s private sale or during upstream.

Crypto-trading Fund: This fund allows the users of the platform to trade in cryptocurrencies and in digital assets.

Venture Capital Fund: This fund provides users with equity investment opportunities in startups that deal with the development of disruptive blockchain solutions.

Fund of Funds: Users can be involved in investment in specialized funds that are very active in cryptocurrencies and in blockchain companies.

Trecento Blockchain Capital Benefits

360-investment strategy: The platform offers a 360-investment approach that enables the investors of the platform to induce returns quickly whereas eliminating risks.

Transparency: the utilization of blockchain technology ensures that the knowledge on all transactions done on the platform is secure and might simply be accessed by everybody concerned.

Multi good Team: The platform involves a team that’s multi good on digital investments supported blockchain technology. Users of the platform square measure assured of truthful and reliable service the least bit times.

Token Sales Details

The ICO is live on with 30% bonus on offer at the moment. Do participate. Note that, rate and conversion are calculated every minute.

The following picture shows the phases of the ICO, their dates, minimum accepted investment and the bonuses available:

  • Token: TOT
  • PreICO Price: 1 EUR = 1.2 TOT
  • Price: 1 TOT = 1 EUR
  • Bonus: Available
  • Bounty: Available
  • MVP/Prototype: Available
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, DOGE, DASH, Fiat
  • Minimum investment: 1,000 EUR
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 EUR
  • Hard cap: 20,000,000 EUR
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas: USA, Iraq, Iran

Trecento Blockchain Capital  Roadma

Trecento Blockchain Capital Team

Trecento Blockchain Capita Team encompasses all the required core investment competencies (Corporate & Investment Banking, Equity Research, Venture Capital) coupled with a complementary pool of expertise from other industries (Blockchain technology, Data sciences, Fintech, International business development) and backed by our Advisory Board composed of experts from these sectors.

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