The buzz regarding cryptocurrency is increasing, folks have detected regarding it, and additional and additional folks need to seek out additional regarding it, and realize the way to be a district of it. once blockchain technology came, numerous things modified, for better, we say. numerous businesses have improved, numerous corporations have started victimization crypto currencies in their work. The new concepts square measure coming back daily. folks need to speculate within the new comes. we’ve got the largest tool within the world, and it’s referred to as the net. the net may be a monumental base of data wherever we will do something. net has connected the complete world. one amongst these comes is SKYFchain, whose main goal is to produce solutions for the supply trade globally by victimization the drone or craft while not the crew through the SKYFchain Token.


SKYFchain is an ethereum based mostly blockchain platform that aims to change the supplying business to pilotless systems (drones/robots). It contains all important data regarding the drone’s specifications, producing, testing and operational results, additionally all money transactions within the blockchain can happen via the platform’s good contract.

Currently the supplying business runs on toil, that takes up five hundredth of the value, if they will get replaced by drones this price are often slow down drastically. however right away the golem business exists solely within the style of studies done by giant organizations and it faces hindrance within the style of regulation, high-ticket insurance and a lot of significantly there’s no stable platform for it to expand on a worldwide scale. SKYFchain makes an attempt to unravel this downside by planning to become the primary B2R (business-to-robots) blockchain platform through that all data regarding the pilotless systems (in air, water and ground) are often accessed.

Services Provided

  • Data and information about the drones such as device ID, specifications and testing results are stored in the SKYFchain.
  • The end user and operators can check the payment related data, transactions, incidents and ratings for a device.
  • Performance of different drone models can be analyzed by comparing the ratings and recommendations given by the end users.
  • All financial transactions and asset details including device booking will be carried out in the SKYFchain platform.

Key milestones

  • The SKYF drone, a heavy cargo drone with a load capacity of 400kg and flying range of 350 kms is already in operation. All the clients who are using it currently will automatically use the SKYF chain in the future for transactions and assessments.
  • Major names such as Syngenta AG, Avgust Crop Protection, and Pony Express have signed up for the test flight implementations of the SKYF drone.

How it works

User orders a product or service on the SKYFchain platform through fiat or cryptocurrency, they are exchanged for SKYFT tokens inside the platform automatically and are sent to the smart contract. The smart contract sends the tokens to the service provider wallet after subtracting 1.5% as transaction commission, this commission is split and given in the following ways – 50% to super node holders, 25% to all token holders and the remaining 25% is sent to the community development fund for liquidity purposes.

SKYFT Token Details

SKYFT Token Sale


  • 2014-17: Initial funding of 5 million USD was secured for the manufacturing, designing and testing of drones.
  • 2018: Launch of the SKYFchain project, development of the platform with cooperation from robot manufactures and operators, sale of the first SKYF drone.
  • 2019: The B2R platform is spread through the cargo market to attract more participants, licensing of third party drones are issued.
  • 2020: Launch of campaigns and workshops targeted to address the need for unmanned systems in ground and water.
  • 2021-22: Inclusion of third party drones into the platform.
  • 2023-25: Ground and sea borne drones to be introduced.


SKYFchain Advisors

Final thoughts

Robot trade is presently in a very emergent stage, one major example immediately would be the utilization of drones by Amazon to deliver product however this can be done on a awfully little scale with lots of constraints. the utilization of drones in varied sectors – recreational, amusement, provision is projected to grow exponentially and with corporations wanting to chop prices, the requirement for a possible platform can arise. SKYFchain aims to be that operative platform through that the drone trade may commence, with no solid challenger within the market, if they will attain the points declared within the roadmap this project may amendment the landscape of the provision trade.

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