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Blockchain technology has revolutionized the once centralized theme of circulation to become localised. In Blockchain all information and transactions square measure recorded by users. information and transactions may be seen by users as a result of the Blockchain info warehouse is hold on throughout the network users. With an open and localised information system, Blockchain makes information and transactions happen safely, quickly, and cheaply. the info hold on within the Blockchain system is permanent and might be used as a valuable investment tool.

Any signed-in information with Blockchain technology cannot be solid, lost or corrupted, or manipulated by network suppliers. the info contained within the Blockchain system may be viewed by the user as a result of the data contained inside it’s distributed to everybody running the server then nobody will modify or counterfeit the info and transactions that occur. Thus, Blockchain technology is essentially a digital transcript designed to avoid fraud, information is protected, offer multiple advantages, and change access to 3rd parties PRN.

With the benefits of Blockhain in sanctionative access for sure parties PRN and information is protected, therefore Profede opens a brand new project mistreatment cryptocurrency, Initial Coin giving. Profede is mistreatment blockchain to bypass the intermediaries within the skilled world and build an immediate association between professionals and businesses. On the Profede skilled Protocol, the professionals management their personal information and find paid anytime the companies access it supply|to supply} them a unambiguously targeted job offer, a poster supply or a selected business proposal. Profede brings essential valued and eliminating intermediaries. Profede offer several benefits for participats, therefore Profede may be one in every of your various selections to hitch a brand new business.

What Is Profede?

PROFEDE is a unique value proposition. This is not an application like Earn and it is a protocols such as Dock, otherwise professionals are central to the equation of benefits. This is a protocols that use blockchain to provide power back to professional users. This Protocol enabling businesses and professionals to make direct connections. Professional control their personal data and get paid every time a business uses it to offer them work,business proposals or commercial offers. This protocol will be adopted by thousands
small and medium applications and millions of users. Be – professional network 12 million professional users – will be the first to adopt the PROFEDE Protocol.

Profede’s Product

  • Professional Services

Professional services companies can pay to gain access to pitch to a decision maker, who can make money to be pitched at. You will able to set your price in tokens depending on how accessible you want to be and your information will be validated by the community, giving you credibility and trustworthiness. Furthermore, you will be paid once you have exchanged your data.

  • Professional looking for a new job

Are you looking for a job or for new opportunities? Complete your profile and community will validate your greatest aptitudes as a professional; the job opportunities will appear effortlessly. Regardless of whether you get job in the end, you will still be rewarded. Your personal data is valuable and because of this, we believe that sending this data information should always be rewarded.

  • Recruitment

When searching for a new employee, you want to ensure that you are targeting the best individuals for the job that you require to be done. With Profade, you will able to do this. You will be able to conduct a well-defined search where the professional will be much more receptive to appropriate offers. As the professional will only receive serious proposals from recruiters. Concluding in a win-win situation.

  • Bussines-to-Bussines

Business-to-business opportunities should be more beneficial for both parties. The business that is advertising their prospect with Profede will be rewarded directly if they accept a discussion request from a business that wants to talk. In addition, the company that is requesting to talk knows that their offer will  be taken seriously as they have requested their attention via a token payment.

  • Influencer

An influencer usually receives a lot of interest from third party companies wanting to collaborate and take advantage of their market influence. This of course has value, as the influencer fata is highly valuable for brands. Because of this, we believe that the exchange of this information should be rewarding to the influencer and the influencer should only receive serious offers of interest.

How It Works?

In the current billionaire professional market (recruiting and social selling), too much money goes to the intermediaries and there is little left for professionals and businesses. Profede is using blockchain to bypass the intermediaries in the professional world and create a direct connection between professionals and businesses. On the Profede Professional Protocol​, professionals control their personal data and get paid each time businesses access it to offer them a uniquely targeted job offer, a commercial offer or a specific business proposal. Profede brings essential value to professionals and businesses by making data valuable and eliminating intermediaries.

With blockchain, professionals will be able to easily move their profiles and data through the networks partaking in this protocol, in a private and safe manner. At the same time, businesses and other professionals will have access to the profiles of the professionals, with a guarantee of their legitimacy and certification ​of their feedback rating, since all the content will be documented.

The above diagram represents how professionals and businesses can interact in the Profede Professional Protocol without any “intermediaries”. 1) A business pays to contact a professional; 2) The professional authorizes to send the contact data; 3) The business receives the contact data; 4) The professional receives tokens. The third participant, the app, creates software to help both, professionals and businesses, to access Profede’s blockchain. The app provides off-chain search capabilities, data analytics, professionals validation and other value added services. An app always acts as an intermediary and cannot buy or sell information for themself.

Token PATO

The information that professionals add to the network is invaluable to companies looking for candidates and professionals with whom to engage in new business opportunities. Professional professional groups-including the range of available shouts for companies interested in them to be forged. The purchase will take the form of a token, called Professional Activity TOken (PATO), and it will become a professional and a business that has control over this currency. In addition to serving as a reward system to unblock professional personal data, PATO can be redeemed for other services offered by various organizations using protocols, such as corporate recruitment services, data analysis services, and many others.

Sales Token and Information

Volume (limited number made) 6,000,000,000 PATO

Token on ICO sold 3,000,000,000 PATO (50%)

Hard Cap $ 20 million

Soft Cap $ 1.5 million

Presale Discount: Presale Discount 30%

DUCK Price $ 0.01

Presale Contribution ETH and BTC

Contribution of Crowd sale ETH and BTC

Road Map

Team Member


Legal & Ratings

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