Nimbus Token ICO Review | A Platform for Selling and Bartering Goods

The Nimbus Token Platform are often used for nearly any business project. Stores will use the platform to boost cash by merchandising their own branded tokens rather than fighting venture capitalists or suffering the humiliation of the everyday banking expertise.

We know what the advantages area unit to store house owners, however what’s in it for those customers that bought table game throughout the crowdsale? table game tokens unlock practicality on the platform. table game area unit accustomed open stores and unlocks the power to shop for branded product tokens.

With product tokens, the client will perpetually exchange their token for a professional rata refund. The client will like better to live the token or trade the token on the exchange. rather than having food tokens, they might swap those for a token that may be ransomed for a bicycle – a real digital bartering system on the blockchain.

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The Nimbus Token Use Case

The Nimbus Token Platform offers multiple use cases for anyone who purchases NIM tokens. For example, the Nimbus Token Platform can be used for almost any business project, from Bicycle Shop, Bakery, Phone Repair Shop and so on. Stores can use the platform to raise money by selling their own branded tokens instead of struggling with venture capitalists or suffering the humiliation of the typical banking experience.

So now your question is, we know what the benefits are to store owners, but what is in it for those customers that bought NIM during the crowdsale? Those who do not plan to start a store have multiple options with their NIM Tokens. For starters is the obvious, you can HODL them and watch the value increase on exchanges. For others you could use your NIM Tokens to unlock functionality on the platform. NIM are used to open stores and unlocks the ability to buy branded product tokens. For entrepreneurs, you can use your NIM Tokens to purchase branded product tokens from store owners. This is what will help them to get their store up and running into a business. By doing so entrepreneurs can increase the amount of tokens in their portfolio by holding many different types on branded product tokens.

Now you ask, what can I do with these branded tokens? Stores like the Bakery would sell NIM.PopsBakery tokens to raise money for their store. These tokens would be the product tokens that hold value towards that specific store. With product tokens, the customer can always get a pro rata refund for their product token or barter the token on the exchange. So instead of holding onto your Bakery Tokens, you could barter them with other token holders and trade someone some of your Bakery Tokens for their Bicycle Shop Tokens. This will help you expand your portfolio even more and give you more outlets to use your product tokens. This platform allows for both the store owner and entrepreneurs to benefit.

Buying product tokens during the store’s pre-sale period gives the customer a range of options that just aren’t present in platforms like Kickstarter or retail outlets like Overstock. This is a real opportunity for entrepreneurs to help small businesses expand and grow while the entrepreneur has new tools and new ways to expand their token portfolio. Therefore, weather you are planning to open a store or a rising entrepreneur, Nimbus Token Platform is for you. The possibilities and use cases available for NIM Token holders are endless.

The Nimbus Token Ecosystem

The Nimbus Token Platform has a disruptive ecosystem geared towards building businesses and selling their products. The platform allows for new businesses to start their businesses without having to go to banks and taking out those pesky loans. It does this by allowing a business to launch a token sale to raise funds for their business needs. By doing so the business can raise its own funds to purchase real estate, goods, hire workers, and start selling their products or services. Stores on the platform sell a new type of cryptocurrency called product tokens and their value is derived from the sales a specific store generates. Our working theory is, the more commerce that is transacted, the more value the product tokens will have. Not only do we believe this will increase the value of NIM over time, but we believe it will enrich the broader Ethereum ecosystem as well, especially in third worlds countries where the fiat currency is useless.

During the crowdsale, NIM tokens are sold to fund the development of the platform. Once the platform is launched, only NIM tokens can be used to open stores on the platform and launch pre-sales of unique product tokens. Once the crowdsale is over the only way to open a store using NIM tokens is to purchase them on an exchange. All leftover tokens from the crowdsale will be put aside into a pool for mining. Once stores begin to log sales, customers can trade the store’s unique product tokens on the platform exchange. As for the leftover NIM from the crowdsale, as the store logs sales it mines NIM tokens from the pool and placed into the store’s wallet.

As NIM are consumed to create stores, stores also mine the NIM back out of the pool, when they log sales. This creates the product token cycle; sale, produce, reward and exchange. In this cycle, stores sell a token so they can grow, stores produce goods or services, customers are rewarded with products and product tokens are bartered with others on the platform.

Types of Nimbus Token

The platform uses two types of tokens, NIM and NIMx; each with its own specifications:

  1. NIM: These are utility tokens that are sold during the token crowdsale. The tokens leftover from the crowdsale will be available to be mined.
  2. NIMx: They are product tokens. NIMx are used to denote different product tokens in the whitepaper. Platform users can barter one type of NIMx token(say NIM.MillerAvcdos) with another one(say NIM.ArizonaSpa).

About the Nimbus Token NIM ICO

The ICO sale is currently scheduled to get over on 25th March, 2018 but it might be extended depending on the market reaction. 1 ETH will fetch you 900 NIM. 40% of the funds will go to labor, 20% to marketing, 10% to facilities, 5% to Security, 3% to Legal, 7% to Infrastructure and 15% goes to the Reserve Fund.

ICO Details

Ticker Symbol: NIM
Platform Ethereum
Accepts: ETH, LTC, USD, BCH, BTC
Soft Cap: 20,000,000 USD
Hard Cap: 45,000,000 USD
Country: USA
Restrictions: None

Public Crowdsale

Date Sale: Jan 17, 2018 — Jul 31, 2018 @ 195 days
Sale Avalable Tokens: 35,000,000 NIM
Price: 1 NIM = 0.0005 ETH
The token white sale will last 1 week and only be available to individuals on the newsletter email
The token pre-sale will last 14 days and will start the day after the white sale concludes.
The token sale will last ten weeks or more depending on market reaction and market forces at
the time.




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