MIN is a blockchain project that is developing a payment structure which can be supported time for the consultants and also the freelancers. This payment structure is predicated on blockchain which can guarantee a versatile, clear and truthful system for each the freelancers and also the shoppers. Freelancers are rewarded for each minute they spent for the consumer and on the opposite hand the consumer additionally gets a transparent image of the results they get that they procure. MIN tokens are employed in the system to procure the services offered on the platform.

How it Works:

The service providers on the MIN platform will set a fixed price per minute. When a client registers the platforms and gets connected with the MIN wallet he/ she can compare the service rates of other services providers and decide which one suits him/her best. After a client agrees to connect with a service provider, the client starts the charging meter. The meter also enables the user to check the progress and cost of the task at any time. The service provider or the client stops the meter as soon as the service is concluded. After completion of the service fund is transferred immediately to the service provider.


Technology is developed with import of constructing human life simple by activity automation tasks, however it’s distracting by tangential pop ups and alerts. Basically, services suppliers charge the maximum amount as purchasers will afford and their worth is varied from slot to fit. programing of medical advisors or legal advisors charge more money for additional time even for delay in services, finally purchasers can find yourself with paying further charges.


The solution where MIN is come up with their decentralized platform which providing flexible and transparent payment chargeable services to both the clients as well as parties. The parties like professionals, consultants and experts who all are charging as per-minute payment structure.
The MIN platform is providing many services like –

  1. MIN Rewarding Engine – Here, users can get rewards by doing simple social platforms and other application browsing where this MIN platform will increase their value by rewarding active members for every minute they consume in browsing social sites.
  2. MIN as a Charge – Here, members can charge for their services in MIN where it is all can be done by setting their minute cost and using the charging meter inside the MIN Wallet which helps them to charge for their services.
  3. MIN Wallet – This is an online crypto wallet that allows members to pay or get paid for the services or activity they provide and receive. The cost is set on the time consumed in minutes with the help of a fair pricing model.

Token economy

MIN issues utility tokens called “MIN” which can be used in the internal ecosystem of the platform for services availed

Token details:

  • Token symbol: MIN
  • Total supply of tokens: 10,000,000,000
  • 1 MIN= 0.1 XLM(Stellar)
  • Soft Cap: 300,000,000 MIN
  • Hard Cap: 6,000,000,000 MIN
  • ICO – 15th July to 15th September 2018



  • The Social Media promotion is low, however they’re pretty much active on their message cluster.
  • The Website and Whitepaper each explained intimately and straightforward to know.
  • There ar eleven core members in associate govt team UN agency ar having experience in golem Development, Interface style, development, Digital promoting, Social Media and code. they’re lacking in Blockchain expertise.
    They have three advisors on board UN agency ar having experience in promoting, Operations and Digital promoting. they’re conjointly lacking in Blockchain expertise.
  • The Roadmap is given their milestones until 2019. The MVP is obtainable as a Thirtymin App on Google Play Store and Apple Store moreover.

For more Information,Please see the Link Bellow :

ANN Threadhttps://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4558823.new#new

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