LIPCHAIN can let surfers communicate with one another, post their photos, videos and different info and appearance for a sponsor of their videos with the help of easy application. Its alpha-version is planned to be discharged in Nov, 2018. The denote videos will be submitted for votes and will be hand-picked as winners every month, therefore transfer to the surfers further tokens.
Meanwhile, a really robust security are going to be provided for all users and can accommodates multimodal biometrical authentications. Absence of charges for LIPS transactions and competitive fees for different currencies and transparency can guarantee the correct performance of application.

The problems to be solved by LIPCHAIN

  • Lack of funding for beginner to improve themselves up to professional level and high prices for surfing training can be solved by posting videos and photos at the LIPCHAIN network and by earning tokens.
  • Access difficulties in championship participation can be solved by competitions in this community.
  • Limited availability of reaching target audience will be solved by uniting surfing community.
  • The pollution of oceans will be decreased thanks to cleaning programs sponsored by LIPCHAIN. The sponsorship will be equal to 5% of videos sponsorship income at LIPCHAIN.


Today, sports activities are significantly favorite. Instead of becoming a sport is usually essential to everyone’s existence. The mobile advertising of a healthful way of life offers an award and, more and more, the youthful people go to the fitness middle to maintain their body and physique in great form. Nevertheless, some of them perform not need to sit down in a confined space and choose free actions.

Consequently, raising the recognition of sports activities such as surfing. Regrettably, it’s hard to look for a place where you can practice sports. This application allows browsers and Lipchain sailors from worldwide to publish their images and video clips and earn cash while practicing your preferred sports activities. Lipchain is a decentralized scenery, offering sponsors by way of sponsorships, contests and a casual all year round learning environment. Perform you appreciate how great it can be? Right now imagine you will are an energetic person who loves intense, driving horses for my enjoyment saving excellent movies and spending you for that LipChain. About this kind of can just become imagined of, and LipChain  to help to make it manifest.

Factors We Select Blockchain:

Blockchain may function as a vast publication that is allocated openly that can track record transactions between two celebrations effectively and in a method that may end up being verified and everlasting. To end up being utilized as a distributed journal, blockchain is generally handled by peer-to-peer networks that jointly adhere to the process to validate new pads. After documenting, data in a particular block are not able to be transformed retroactively without adjustments from all following blocks, which need collusion of most systems. The blockchain is undoubtedly inherently resistant to the changes of the data included. The blockchain is usually a list of ever-increasing information, known as hindrances, linked and guaranteed to apply cryptography. Each stop generally contains a hash pointer as a hyperlink to the earlier stop, a period stamps, and purchase data. Blockchain technology enables reducing scams to allow a sizable quantity of potential. Applying blockchain intended for all our deals will reduce operating costs, boost transaction velocity, create an open and transparent market, democratize value distribution, and thin the relationship between marketers, network suppliers, and customers.

Using blockchain intended for all our transactions will decrease working costs, boost deal rate, produce a clear and genuinely open up the marketplace, democratize worth distribution and tenuous the romantic relationship among advertisers, networking providers, and clients.

LIPWAVE pool center and Eco-Resort

10% of sponsors’ payment will be spent on building the pools for surfing training at any time. In returns sportsmen and their cameramen will get 20% credit of time to spend it at LIPWAVE pool. The very first pool of 1.2 -1.4 km will be created in Ericeira, Portugal. It will be constructed within 2-3 years and will offer high-class waves all-the-year-round. The Eco-Resort will be equipped with photovoltaics panels, Power-wall of Tesla, and other emission-free and zero waste technologies. The Eco-Resort will include shops, restaurants, swimming pools and tennis courts, 5-stars hotel.The pool for surfers will give the solution to the following problems:

  • The improper weather condition for surfing
  • Insufficient quantity of surfing training places
  • Lengthy time for becoming a professional surfer (around 8 years)

Lipchain Wallet

The LIPCHAIN wallet allows customers to experience high level of user interface, which means this wallet experience will be completely different from any other available wallets. It is a highly secured wallet embodied with all Ethereum wallet security features. It will also support functionalities such as :

• Transferability: users can send and receive Lipschain tokens (LIPS) to/from any valid Ethereum wallet.
• No Charge: No Ethereum will be charged during the transfer of LIPS, only transaction fee (gas) will be required.
• Transparency: This functionality enables users to check the status of their transactions over the Ethereum wallet.
• Ease of use: The LIPCHAIN wallet has a user-friendly interface

Wallet Security

In order to ensure maximum security and control, The LIPCHAIN team has decided to develop a Multimodal biometric authentication which will be used in the wallet and App. Features of multimodal biometrics includes:
• Face Recognition
• Iris Recognition
• Fingerprint Recognition
• Gait
• Voice Recognition
• Signature Recognition


LIPS tokens are utility tokens of LIPCHAIN network and at the same time they give an opportunity to buy discounted surfing products at LIPCHAIN or book LIPWAVE pool. LIPS can be stored in any Ethereum wallet supporting ERC20 tokens (MyEtherWallet, Mist, MetaMask etc.)
  • Ticker Name: LIPS
  • Token standard: ERC20
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 LIPS
  • Tokens for Sale: 210,000,000 LIPS
  • Bonus Tokens: 125,000,000 LIPS
  • ICO-Period 3 with 15% bonus: 01/05/2018 – 31/07/2018
  • ICO-Period 4 with 10% bonus: 01/08/2018 -14/09/2018
  • ICO-Period 5 with 5% bonus: 15/09/2018 – 14/10/2018
  • ICO-Period 6 without bonus: 15/10/2018 -15/11/2018
  • Price: 1 LIPS = 0.1 USD
  • Soft Cap: 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 20,000,000 USD
  • Minimal purchase: 50 USD
  • Country of the project: Portugal




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