Konios desires you to shop for cryptocurrencies easier. rules, paperwork and rules area unit symptoms of the previous money trade that have sadly began to seem on the blockchain market moreover. as a result of this issue, corporations like Konios area unit operating to create it less difficult for individuals such as you to shop for cryptocurrencies.



F2F :Secure and anonymous face-to-face money to crypto currency transactions. (cash/crypto)
EXCHANGE: Digital amendment of each cryptocurrency combine. (Crypto/Crypto)
MARKETPLACE: simply obtain and sell product and services with money or crypto currencies.

KONIOS mercantilism

TRADING :The Konios mercantilism platform is meant for simplified usage. The platform offers integrated analysis tools, to show charts by custom-made parameters. particularly designed to indicate laymen the mandatory data and predictions. Coin connected news and additional relevant on-line data are provided in an exceedingly separate section, permitting personal analysis to require place among the exchange.

KONIOS knowledge

STATISTICS: Anonymous knowledge from the crypto domain is provided for empirical analyses over the Konios blockchain.
BEHAVIOR: Anonymous behavioural knowledge from F2F, Exchange, Marketplace and mercantilism is provided.
GEO: Anonymous location data is provided to spot geographical concentrations, and build new marketplaces.

All knowledge from the Konios Platform and Konios mercantilism is provided to the users via API or surpass transfer freed from charge.


SECURE TRANSACTIONS: The group action is bedded with 5 security steps, with its highest security level at the relinquishment throughout the F2F group action. the protection structure accompanies the group action method and will increase its parameters the additional the group action progresses.

SMART-CONTRACTS: group action process, whether or not via F2F, Exchange, Marketplace or mercantilism, is performed anonymously mistreatment our in-house sensible Contracts and enforced with constant, localised conditions.

KONIOS billfold

WALLET: The Konios billfold has 2 functions. On one hand it’s used among the platform to store all the crypto currencies and use the platform functions. On the opposite hand, it will be enforced in third party applications via API.

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