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The world we have a tendency to board these days has perpetually evolved and that we presently square measure within the Digital Era. during this Era, numerous technology has condemned and replaced the previous ancient ways across numerous sectors. the net majorly opened the thanks to this Era and that we have long seen a superfluity of activities been done on-line. Implications of this square measure that knowledge and data square measure being perpetually entered or passed around on the net. this is often sensible however it makes doable sure as shooting malicious activities which incorporates knowledge breaches, stealing of personal info, data loss, wrongful usage of knowledge and falsified knowledge amongst others.

What It Is ENDO?

ENDO is a Blockchain Protocol designed for verification, storage and exchange of data.provide a ready-made solution for organizations – the ability to deploy their own private Blockchain for data storage, verification and transfering it from paper to digital form.

It’s a new protocol with unique decentralized infrastructure combined with all advantages of the Blockchain technology.

ENDO Blockchain Protocol offers a modern management solution for every information flow that business has to deal with. There’s more to it: with the help of ENDO, one can literally solve any problem, built on the interaction between several parties. For example, it can link landlords with travelers and provide a transparent form of payment; can become a platform for storing and viewing all kinds of content, while authors will be able to preserve all copyrights and receive a fair reward from the community; it is also able to provide travelers with direct communication with airlines, that can help in case of cancellation and ticket refunding.

Today’s Issues

  • Centralization – risk of data loss if the central server is broken / hacked.
  • Inconvenience of storage – in a large stream of unstructured data it is easy to lose the necessary document.
  • Modification or deletion of information – without encryption and decentralized confirmation, the information is not protected from replacement, modification, or deletion.
  • Verification – the verification process differs by volume and type of data; each agency has its own mechanism for verifying information, different deadlines, different methods and places for filing documents, which leads to unnecessary costs.
  • The absence of a single convenient data source – even if the information is confirmed and easily verified, the data is transmitted in completely different channels and collected from different sources is quite laborious; information is not standardized, which complicates its use.
  • Data exchange between countries is rather complicated due to the need for translation and apostille assurance.
  • Manufacturing and protection. Today, documents, securities, certificates are protected using bar codes and holographic protective elements (HPE). The process of their production is expensive and time-consuming, but a HPE does not guarantee the necessary protection. The case of Microsoft, which attempted to protect its software products with “a new, non-copiable embossed hologram,” is widely known. Already two months after the release of such holograms, pirated copies of programs with holograms visually indistinguishable from the originals appeared on the market.
  • Ecology. In addition to cutting trees for the production of paper, an important environmental problem in pulp and paper mills is the use of sulfate and sulfite technologies in the cooking phase, as well as the use of chlorine and chlorine compounds in the bleaching stage. With the introduction of Blockchain Technology, you can significantly reduce the amount of paper produced, which will positively affect the state of the environment.
  • Unnecessary consumption of resources. Companies and governments spend unnecessarily much natural resources, but also financial ones. With Blockchain, there will be no need to keep a large staff of accountants, lawyers and secretaries, since there will be no need for much of the paperwork.

Problems of information

In the modern world there are problems related to information:

  •  deception – people can deceitfully receive value;
  •  Loss of storage – the storage of formal information is expensive. In the transfer of securities, the human factor is still involved;
  • Centralization of data validation – the monopoly of institutions on the management of valuable information: modification, deletion and censoring;
  • Counterfeiting systems – the problem is few to anyone obvious. But we all live in contact with systems that can deceive. And it is almost impossible to prove, because fraud is embedded in the system itself. For example, culture and history. Although, we will return to the examples.


The Solution

Storage of data occurs both centralized and decentralized. The owner of the application produces the storage choice.

ENDO implements interfaces for connecting to storage of different types, so that connected applications have a greater choice for solving the problem of data storage.

Data can be stored:

  • In centralized cloud – Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.,
  • In decentralized cloud – StorJ, IPFS, etc.
  • On local / remote servers: connection via FTP, SSH, etc.
  • On the nodes of the ENDO blockchain system in the decentralized storage based on IPFS.

Local storage allows you to deploy a completely private network within the enterprise. This guarantees protection from data leaks and the ability to exchange data between a limited range of agents.

The Challenges

Falsification of information is currently common as individuals tend to require advantage of the present system and falsify their information to hold out improper, unlawful likewise as malicious activities. It’s even a lot of pitiful however such information can’t be properly verified thereby permitting the aforementioned functions of the wrongdoer.

More recently, there are problems with wrongful information usage within the advertising business whereby sure organizations purchase users non-public information and use them in target advertising that is extremely thought of an infringement in privacy by the user. This sadly additionally goes on in another sectors simply during a totally different manner. there’s additionally no watertight manner of securing information and data because the current system is massively centralized, I might press on and on regarding the varied challenges facing the info business however on a brighter facet of things, i need to speak a couple of distinctive resolution to the present challenges and problems regarding information nowadays.

Technology And Use case

The ENDO protocol uses Blockchain technology to store and verify available data. Via its decentralized nature as well as it’s smart contract capabilities, it functions would be easy as well as highly effective. Worthy of note is that you can develop your own dApps with ENDO. ENDO can very well be used across various sectors such as the Banks, Education, Medical Institutions, and Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering (KYC/AML).

ICO information

Token: ET
ICO time: 20/6/1018-25/8/2018
Price: 1 ET = 0.375 USD
Accepted Payment: BTC, ETH, LTC, FIAT
Soft cap 5 millions USD
Hard cap 15 millions USD

I especially want to emphasize the beauty and mobility of the ICO site: https://tokensale.endo.im


Team Member

The ENDO team consists of professionals with burning eyes who are aware of their role in the project and the history of society.


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