DeStream is establishing a decentralized world platform for the streaming market that may permit maximising the productivity of streamers, diversifying their activities and securing start-up capital. they’re establishing Associate in Nursing innovative platform that may act as Associate in Nursing scheme for streamers. the utilization of blockchain technology can permit DeStream to cut back dealing fees by quite twofold. Decentralization can permit DeStream to exclude payment systems from the method and scale back varied transactions prices. Thus, DeStream can improve the standard of the content and therefore the streamers are going to be allowed to specialize in creation, rather than operational activities

Features of Destream

• There is only one wallet and one token – DST – required for this streaming platform. Users are therefore not faced with a plethora of Cryptocurrencies and tokens to worry about.

• Transaction fees are guaranteed to be less than 0.77%. This is a huge reduction in charges.

• There are nearly 100 smart contracts that are predefined and uploaded to the system to allow for very easy communications between users. These make life so much easier and transactions/legalities a whole lot faster. More personalized smart contracts can also be designed on the system should the templates not cover the necessary details.

• DST tokens can be used to purchase a whole variety of things including domestic applicants; food and other home-based products.

The Project’s Core

DeStream is developing a decentralized financial ecosystem for the streaming market. The project founders were wise enough not to throw a gauntlet to streaming companies and avoided competition with Twitch, Youtube, powerful Asian media companies and many new centralized and decentralized streaming projects.
The problem that the project aims to solve is in connection with payments in the streaming industry between donors (which are advertisers, donators and spectators) and recipients (gamers/streamers).

There is a full set of obstacles that every streamer faces these days:

  • Different terms and conditions implied by every streaming platform. The streaming companies use different sets of remittance and payment systems to proceed transfers and payout streamers. Let’s use Mother Russia as an example: PayPal (which is every Anglo-Saxon corporation’s favorite) has localized in the country, but abroad payments are charged with somewhat ridiculous 6% fees. Other tough challenge for you: is there a way to interact with a streamer located in Korea? Not clear. One has to invent a special scheme of accounts and banking cards that will not be used in other everyday activities;
  • High commissions. Due to their monopolistic status (which I describe later in the text), streaming operators withhold internal fees that, according to DeStream, can be as high as 10%. I have to admit that I didn’t study this figure in detail and have to rely on the company in this;
  • Absence of a unified wallet. For a professional player who participates in international tournaments located all across the globe it is more than natural to try and use new international streaming platforms. His or her earnings and donations are not integrated in any way – every platform has its own wallet, its own currency (fiat or internal), and its own withdrawal mechanisms. A need to administer these wallet-to-wallet transfers becomes an unnecessary burden for the gamer;
  • Withdrawal complications and costs. Due to highly understandable reasons, streaming companies are interested in the longest possible retention of funds within the system. Once the players decides to take the money off the table, withdrawal rates typically appear to be high due to monopolistic status we discussed earlier;
  • Most of the existing streaming platforms have no capability of accepting crypto currencies, which is easy to explain. However, these days this situation cuts our many potential donators and sponsors;

DeStream’s Proposed Solution:

  • The project’s ideology presented in two or three phrases is as follows: DeStream intends to create a hub which would allow the donors to continue paying in any format convenient – meaning currency, payment system and jurisdiction…
  • …while streamers receive all the proceeds in a unified format (internal DST tokens) on a unified wallet, same for all platforms the streamer operated and all transaction he or she receives;
  • Consolidated accrued funds are free to be withdrawn into fiat, sold for other crypto currency, or spent for goods and services available from DeStream partners;
  • DeStream names digital goods, food and consumer electronics as such, and I can’t resist this temptation and imagine some gamers’ existence becoming fully self-sufficient within the DeStream platform: tokens to pay for downloading movies and music, pizza and cola and a new video card. Not much need adding: rent and communal services, and a small selection of household stuff like toilet paper.
  • Donors will be presented with several ways to aggregate funds distribution channels: in one move, a set of streamers could be paid selected by traffic, audience and price criteria. This could be useful for advertising specialists who place packet orders in gaming.

How Destream Will Work

DeStream will not create a new platform but will instead be integrated into the various streaming platforms popular among users and streamers. The processing of connecting DeStream with Twitch or any other platform will be completed in a few clicks.

The use of a single wallet will eliminate the need to use different payment systems when the users need to connect.

Given that there will be the creation of internal marketplace and integration of the platform with external projects, DeStream Tokens will have numerous applications. The users will pay for various digital items like in-game goods using the tokens.

DeStream will develop a mechanism that will facilitate the distribution of advertisement income among different streamers. The use of specific streamer indicators will help in ensuring that the funds are shared proportionately. This will be beneficial to both the advertisers and the streamers as it will enable the former to reach more people and get better results while the latter will earn more.

DeStream is expected to lead to the growth of the streaming market. The project will achieve this by developing new models of interaction between the streamers and viewers. The project will ensure there is safety. The use of smart contracts and blockchain technologies will reduce transaction costs and enhance the relationship between the different members of the ecosystem.

How The DST Tokens Will Be Used

As a user, you can make a donation using the DST tokens. You only need to specify the number of tokens you want to donate.

The transaction fees on the platform will be charged in DST tokens.

The platform will provide the users with various digital goods that they can buy. DST tokens will be used to facilitate these transactions.

The tokens will also be used to pay for other services such as marketing and also in conducting the internal P2P operations.

DeStream is also planning to introduce debit card in the future through the partnership with one of the existing providers. The card will enable the users to pay in stores or even withdraw their money in various ATMs.


Token: DST
Pre-ICO Price: 1 DST = 0.006 $
Price: 1 DST = 0.006 $
Accepted Currencies: TBC
Public Sale Begin On: 1st August 2018
Public Sale Would Come to an End On: 30th September 2018
Hard Cap: $12,000,000

Token Sale

Allocation & Disribution


Press & partners


The Team Behind Destream

The four founders square measure still heavily concerned within the project and have a good deal of business expertise between them from Cryptocurrencies and ICOs to net and package development. there’s conjointly a awfully senior adviser on board with twenty years and expertise. This terribly crucial member of the team may be a specialist within the Korean market moreover as being a broadcast economic science author.

The rest of the nine-strong team cowl a full superfluity of skills together with in-depth information of business development, strategic coming up with, and community development. Project management, legal recommendation, and community work conjointly feature inside the expertise of the workers. Blockchain information simply adds the cherry on high for this terribly wide-ranging and proficient team.

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