Dacxi (Digital Asset Community Exchange International) is a community-based exchange, developed with the intention of removing entry barriers for the retail crypto traders, backed by experience team members and advisors and runs with tokenization model.
Dacxi issues Ethereum based utility token called “DAC” which can be used in the internal ecosystem of the platform for the services availed and rewards.

What is Dacxi about?

The landscape of crypto-investment is ever-changing, and it’s happening quick. the 2 key forms of exchanges (Trading Exchanges and case Exchanges), aren’t originated to support or attract thought retail investors; that means merely the market isn’t prepared for the lots. Dacxi (Digital quality Community Exchange International) is pioneering a brand new class of exchange, we have a tendency to decision it the community exchange. The Dacxi scheme is intended with an easy and straightforward to use exchange at its core; a user-driven community with lessons, content, and support for the thought market; and Crypto-VC, a vehicle designed to deliver high-quality, low-risk ICOs to draw in, empower and a lot of significantly, shield retail investors.


The challenges are facing by an existing retail traders and new retail investors have different fundamental needs and wants. They wish to participate in the crypto market but they both are at very different stages in their crypto journey. Retail investors facing several barriers while entering the crypto world. They are –
They find complex in searching for the information what they need, and they soon get the specialised information from the news sites, social media, discussion platforms etc but not sure about them.
They often using the specialist platforms such as Reddit, Telegram or Twitter and they are lacking in accessing the accurate information.
They are unsafe from the scammers and it also affects to the new crypto investors.
They are hard to find difficulty to access the support and content which gives them a confidence.


The solution where Dacxi is come up with their idea to provide a decentralized community-based platform to retail investors which mainly focused to give them the confidence, tools & knowledge which they need to invest successfully. They are providing an easy to use exchange with an expert community discussion and education platform. There are 4 key elements of this platform for solving the above challenges. They are –

  1. Dacxi Exchange – They are providing the crypto asset exchange with a user-friendly experience for new retail investors. A user-friendly platform which makes it easy to buy or sell. In this user can exchange their fiat to crypto with more liquidity.
  2. Dacxi Community – They build their own Dacxi Community which providing full crypto solution and space where new crypto investors can easily find the group discussion, community, content, resources and education opportunity for what retail investors need in digital asset investing.
  3. Crypto VC – In this they are patenting only quality ICOs on their exchange platform which helps investors to invest with high quality trusted confidence.
  4. The DAC Coin – It is a community building crypto coin which links together the ecosystem.

A new type of Crypto Exchange

The current exchange market is that the hottest sector in crypto. However, the matter for Retail Investors is that this styles of crypto exchanges don’t seem to be designed for them. ‘Trader Exchanges,’ area unit too sophisticated and daunting and ‘Wallet Exchanges’, while straightforward to use, don’t give Retail Investors with the support they have to make their confidence.

The solution could be a new style of exchange known as a Community Exchange. Specifically designed to support the Retail Investors that may unlock this new trillion greenback class of crypto exchanges.

The Dacxi Ecosystem

The Dacxi business model is based on a unique ecosystem designed to scale to become one of the world’s premium crypto asset exchange brands.

The platforms that make up the ecosystem are a world class Community Crypto-Exchange, a global community platform, an innovative Crypto-Venture Capital platform and the DAC coin. The Dacxi properties work together to strengthen the core Dacxi proposition and provide a best in class user experience.

Dacxi Exchange
The Dacxi Exchange guarantees the DAC Coin listing. It also features:

Robust security
Built by a trusted platform provider that has never had a security breach.

A simple user experience
Serving global investors in multiple languages. It’s easy to understand. Easy to invest.

Dacxi – Digital quality Community Exchange International

Dacxi is that the 1st mover within the new trillion greenback Community Exchange class. We’ve recruited the world’s leading developers, designers and digital marketers to create a product that may shield and empower this new 500million Retail capitalist section.

Rather than merely mercantilism a dream of what our product would possibly appear as if (like numerous ICOs), we’ve got already engineered the primary version, with plans to ingeminate and improve over time. Dacxi is absolutely positioned to deliver a novel investment system that may lead this new exchange class.

ICO Main Sale

  • Token – DAC
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Total Supply – 10 Billion DAC
  • Soft Cap – $3M USD
  • Hard Cap – $10M USD
  • Token Price- 1 DAC = 0.00002 ETH
  • Country- Singapore


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