Transport is one in every of the foremost crucial sectors of any economy or perhaps traditional way of life. Most companies invest heavily in transport in order that they will trade freely across the world. The transport business is large and its mobile section alone is price around $ twelve trillion in step with global organization reports. even supposing it’s crucial to the business, this sector still works because it did years past. Paper documents square measure still used and this takes time as originals have to be compelled to be couriered to every purpose within the chain whereas payments square measure done historically i.e. letters of credit or wire transfer. the prevailing system is therefore slow, valuable and non confidential. this is often wherever CargoCoin comes in.

CargoCoin may be a good contract, cryptocurrency platform that’s designed to modify the shipping and trade trade. It targets all parties concerned within the international trade like freight forwarders, shipping lines, booking agents and traders and facilitates their interactions. it’s a worldwide marketplace for trade, transport, exchange of documents and payments. The platform provides associate infinite variety of potentialities to the user.

Problems and how CargoCoin handles them

  • Fraud – CargoCoin minimizes and in some cases eliminates cases of fraud with funds not released until pre-set conditions are met and payment is secured as escrow or a public proof of payment is obtained.
  • Costs – Costs are lowered compared to high commissions and fine print fees charged by bankers, agents and couriers etc.
  • Delays – Instant exchange, review and approval of documents and payments. The delays due to different time zones and human intervention are removed through the use of the blockchain.
  • Trust – Relies on the public infrastructure of the Blockchain backed by a P2P decentralized system.
  • Information security – CargoCoin is secure and uses the blockchain’s hashing technology that is fully confidential while also being transparent.
  • Archiving safety – Records of historic transactions are kept securely without the possibility of physical loss or destruction of documents.
  • Flexibility – Users are given leeway to choose the terms they want to work with, eliminating barriers and enriching the user experience.

Cargocoin has been developed across 4 stages – a shipping platform, an inland transport platform, an all-purpose cargo platform and an air cargo platform – each of which depends on the safe, secure and efficient use of smart contracts.

Services and utilities offered by CargoCoin are free and have the primary objective of widening the consumer base. The Core is a Global marketplace platform for supply and demand for transport of all cargo. Use of these free services implements the platform’s free utilities. As compared to other existing services, this is free and not fragmented. This creates a circle encapsulating all transport and cargoes on one platform and connecting it to traders.


  • Platform users place their cargo orders and receive bids from forwarders, agents, and containers etc.
  • The order goes to subscribed participants based on location, history, and coverage.
  • Offers are presented with full details like costs, transit periods and equipment availability. Transparency is a priority so full background details and previous history are available.
  • Once transport terms and additional services are finalized, extra utilities like escrow and smart B/L transactions are available.

The niche market is targetted by Cargo Coin and possesses strong communication links between all concerned parties and emphasizes on the use of simple forms for documentation.

Liner shipping is also performed where goods are transported on large ocean-going vessels that travel fixed routes on regular intervals. Mainly roll on/off ships, they connect businesses, countries, and people and provide competitive prices for customers with limited cargo.

Necessary services like cargo survey, insurance, customs, ship agencies, handlers, and technical and nautical supplies are part of the Ecosystem. This service also benefits seafarers as they can promote CV’s, contact shipping lines and maintain attestations and find further employment. This also reduces transaction costs in salaries due to cross-border conversions.

Benefits of CargoCoin

Specifically, these are the advantages that CargoCoin platform offers that other blockchain transportation and trade platforms might be lacking.

Firstly, through the aid of blockchain technology, CargoCoin sets to change ferrying business by eliminating wasteful activities and generating immense incentives for corporations in the business. CargoCoin assist in reducing fraudulent activities by cutting down the possibilities of misrepresentation. This it does by offering a wider and novel sense of responsibility and honesty, on the basis of permanence and unusual trust which blockchain platforms have.

Reduction of business cost is yet another advantage CargoCoin preaevts to organizations. By re-patterning the charge system, CargoCoin eliminates the need to fret over hidden charges by banks, experts and guarantors. Every expenses are clearly stated so organizations get to know that they getting it at a fair rate.

Again, CargoCoin limits the delay time in receiving consignments by providing all necessary gatherings documents necessary for validation of archives and installments. In general structure, delays are normally as a result of obvious wasteful activities.

With regards to blockchain, CargoCoin stage works 24/7 unlike conventional framework where human intervention is needed for effective functioning. Primarily, reducing the postponements will improve the business, as just instalments delay alone can cost organizations several billions of US dollar every year and that’s humongous, if you ask me.

Lastly, CargoCoin guarantees more first and safety for participants by using the popular Ethereum blockchain for its stage. Ethereum presents the safest means of financial transactions which large corporations have been looking for since a long time ago. It guarantees security for users and organizations that uses CargoCoin as well.

CargoCoIn ICO Details:

The main ICO began on April 1, 2018 and will end on May 15, 2018. With the token price of $1, Soft Cap of 5,000 000 USD and Hard Cap of 55,000 000USD

CargoCoIn Token Details:

  • Token: CargoCoin
  • Price: 1 CRGO = 1 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
  • Minimum investment: 50 USD
  • Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 55,000,000 USD
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC


  • Research & Development: 30%
  • Marketing & Sales: 50%
  • Administrative: 10%
  • Legal: 3%
  • Exchange listing: 7%


  • pre-ICO: 10%
  • ICO: 55%
  • Team: 15%
  • Bounty & affiliates: 10%
  • Reserve: 10%

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