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Bitminer Factory plant ICO Development and style of the Mining Farm we tend to square measure a perpetually evolving industrial cluster and that we return from afar. we tend to 1st believed in skilled mining and invested with heavily to create our Mining Farm and develop new processes and ability specific to mining management. If you’re curious about developing your Mining Farm in your premises, along with our cluster we are able to follow you step by step, from the commercial and monetary designing, up to the screw realization of your new Mining industrial plant. we tend to square measure the primary Italian company committed to making a manual laborer Farm on our territory and with a development program of over 250 Bitminers already launched in early 2017 and with a forecast of mining power of over 10Gh for Ethereum, we tend to square measure in reality the foremost necessary manual laborer Farm gift in Italian Republic.

Our property resolution is predicated on four key pillars:

1. Committed usage of unpolluted energy: we tend to pledge to use Associate in Nursing increasingly- higher quantity of energy from clean power sources, like hydro and star plants. we are going to place our decentralized mobile farming instrumentality about to eco-friendly sources, drastically reducing the number of dioxide we might need if we tend to used ancient energy plants;

2. apply of otherwise-wasted energy: energy plants everywhere the globe, either renewable or not, typically have energy left that’s not used and goes to waste. we’ve originated partnerships that enable North American country to faucet into these energy sources, minimizing the requirement of manufacturing further energy for our mining functions, benefiting the atmosphere whereas granting North American country a lower-cost power supply;

3. Flexibility through mobile mining units: our mining units will be simply emotional around (think of them as “on-the-wheels” autonomous computing containers), thus it’ll be straightforward for North American country to achieve the plants that have the very best spare capability from time to time, or new by design engineered renewable power plants;

4. Diversification through Renewable Energy plus ownership: they’ll strengthen our position to realize our goals. With half-hour of the payoff of the ICO, extraordinary $20M, we are going to invest directly within the construction of Solar/Hydroelectric power plants. The 100 percent clean and renewable energy outcome are going to be accustomed directly power our mining instrumentality. Energy comes ar capital intensive and need a big scale: for this reason, we tend to selected to take a position in Energy comes solely past the $20M mark, still maintaining our commitment to a greener mining resolution if payoff are going to be below $20M. Owning custom-designed renewable power plants can enable North American country to realize even lower electricity price for our operations, excision all the intermediaries between energy production and utilization. what is more, we are going to be ready to sell energy to the national grid, generating a further, stable stream of profits, to be used for our token-holder and for reinvestment in our operations.

Bitminer Factory Token Details

The token (BMF) is an ERC-20 token based on the ethereum Blockchain. Up to 100 Million BMF is planned to be sold during the ICO which would come with a 20% bonus on each purchase from May 25, 2018 to June 20, 2018. The bonuses will reduce relatively as the ICO stages progress until the Hard-cap Reached. Accepted payment methods include = BTC, ETH, and EURO.

Bitminer Factory Roadmap

Private Sale successfully completed on 20 June 2018 with over $1M BMF tokens sold.
We are running a Pre-ICO until 20 July 2018 and launching the ICO on 21 July until 30 September 2018

Bitminer Factory Team 

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