EMINENT (EMN) Token ICO Review | Fuel For The BeepBeep Nation App

Beep Beep Nation is formed as a platform where people can offer different kinds of services, whether it is a car pool or pick up and drop, real estate services, packing and moving services, emergency assistance and so forth. The platform, based on a distributed ledger system, will enable individuals to enlist for different services […]

Blockonomics ICO Review

Blockonomics appears to be a system for payment processing designed for merchants (wholesale traders) that accept bitcoin as the preferred currency of the payment. However, Blockonomics does not limit its services only within the frames of being a payment processor. It enables for wallet monitoring, as well as email notifications special for those who hold […]

Payportal (PPTL) ICO Review

Introduction Creating a reliable mode of utility bill settlement for the 21st century is very much something that blockchain technology has enabled. Nowhere is this potential disruption more prevalent than in developing economic nations, where reliable business services can be disrupted or subject to inconvenience and even fraud. The Payportal Platform solves this very problem, creating a connection […]

International AutoClub (IAC) ICO Review | Decentralized Marketplace With A Multilevel Cashback

International Auto Club (IAC) is a blockchain-based automated platform facilitates with cashback services, partnership programs, affiliate program and payments systems. Unlike other ICO’s, IAC is not a startup project, the corporation is fully developed and is the biggest cashback service in Russia. With its plan to move the business to blockchain technology, it aims to offer its […]

Capital Technologies & Research ICO Review — Decentralized Private Communication Solution

The telecommunications industry is undergoing a major transformation as it develops into a virtualized and digitized environment. Including Blockchain in the equation provides measurable and measurable advantages for current operations as well as enabling future capabilities. The advantages of telecommunications cannot be underestimated. In fact, without telecommunications, Internet technology, and Blockchain would not exist; there […]

Online.io ICO Review | Together we can change the internet

Online.io Blockchain technology that accompanies bitcoin and cryptocurrency of course when you first hear it always connects with finance, banking, and others. In fact, this technology is built to provide security for security, comfort, and transparency. In fact, this blockchain technology has evolved and spread its wings not only in the banking and financial sectors. […]


SUNX (XNS) goal is to make sure every individual can make quick transactions in the comfort of his or her hood to achieve our sustainable vision is by solving the following issues. Low return on investment-SUNX (XNS) will create effective trading,investment,crytocurrency/Fiat exchange program with a mission to empower people financially by given returns up to […]


BGX is a decentralized platform that is mainly designed to help in the mobile gaming space. It is entirely powered by Artificial Intelligence and is meant to work completely different from the ones that are currently found in the market. About BGX BGX is a multifunctional processing platform in the field of mobile games, powered […]


The stagnation of development within the ancient money establishments is one in every of the key concern for the folks across the globe. They believe that the time for the amendment has return. The new era of a digital economy supported the newest technology and innovation has arrived to kickstart successive generation of banking and […]

CryptoPolice ICO review | First Community Based Decentralized Police On Blockchain

CryptoPolice is the world’s first community-driven decentralized blockchain based platform that intends to help people to use technology in a safe environment. What Is CryptoPolice? CryptoPolice may be a platform that helps gather the community so as to fight net fraud. Any on-line user will submit associate application to CryptoPolice, inform to any suspicious reality. […]